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Identity Verification
Built For Today & Tomorrow.

Welcome to a new era of trust and security with MassPay's Identity Verification Service.
This service is built on the foundation of Veriff's market-leading technology to be:




Future Proof

Everything You Need
From A Single Partner.

Verification Methods

The widest range of verification methods including document scanning, facial recognition, and biometric analysis delivers a secure and user-friendly experience.


Verify your customers' identities no matter where they are, with support for over 230 countries, 11,000 government-issued IDs, and over 45 languages and dialects.


Leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and expert human analysis to minimize the increasingly complex risk of identity fraud.

Data Privacy
and Compliance

Rest assured knowing our solution is fully GDPR compliant and adheres to strict data security standards.


Our IVS service integrates seamlessly with your business to ensure a seamless and consistent experience for your customers.


Our support team is standing by to help you whenever and wherever you, and your customers, need it.

Mitigate Risks: Quickly & Completely.

Our Identity Verification Service helps businesses mitigate risks associated with fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, and compliance, while also preventing identity theft and facilitating expansion into new markets.

Risk Mitigated

Implementing MassPay's Identity Verification Service reduces the occurrence of fraudulent transactions by authenticating customers' identities, thus decreasing financial losses and protecting your business reputation.

Risk Mitigated

By verifying the identity of customers before processing payments or payouts, MassPay's Identity Verification Service helps lower the likelihood of chargebacks and disputes, minimizing financial and operational consequences for your business.

Risk Mitigated

MassPay's Identity Verification Service streamlines the process of meeting AML and KYC regulatory requirements, ensuring your business operates within legal boundaries and avoids fines or penalties.

Risk Mitigated

Implementing MassPay's robust Identity Verification Service deters identity thieves and prevents account takeovers by authenticating customers' identities before granting access to sensitive financial transactions and personal data.

Risk Mitigated

Utilizing MassPay's Identity Verification Service with global coverage enables your business to expand its reach to new markets, while maintaining trust and security, as it provides seamless verification of customers' identities across different countries and regions.

Here's How It Works!

A simple, straightforward process is fully assisted so your users have frictionless identify verification and KYC / KYB processes.

ID Photo

Users snap a photo of their identity document. We guide them through the entire process with real-time feedback and can even identify the document type so they don’t have to pick from a list. 


Users take a selfie and we let them know right away if there’s something wrong. The user is guided through the entire process including prompts to make adjustments to the selfie if needed.


The data is sent to our AI-powered Identity Verification Service, powered by Veriff, and we provide a decision in a matter of seconds, based on the identity checks your business needs. 


Get real users onboarded fast while fighting identity fraud.

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