Payments Insights Report

Everything You Need To Know About The Trends Shaping The Global Payment & Payout Landscape. 

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Global Payments Insights Report - 2023.2


Issue 2023.2 

CBDCs. Process Diversity & Resilience. Payout Processes & Automation. Alternative Payments. Customer Journeys & Loyalty. Contractor Tax Management. These trends, and more, are front and center in our second Global Payments Insights Report. We also introduce Hyper-Localization and discuss the critical role it's already playing in global commerce. Download (PDF)

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Issue 2023.1

Digital-first and contactless payments. Global gig & creator economies. Open banking APIs. Increasing Alternative Payment Method (APM) adoption & use. Rapidly evolving legislation. These trends, and more, are redefining payment and payout operations, changing customer experiences, and unlocking unprecedented global growth opportunities. Download (PDF)